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Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspirational Key West and the Conch Republic

Liveaboard by Key West Chris Rehm
^ Listen to Liveaboard while you read the blog! ^

Here in Key West there is an almost compulsive draw to be creative and in particular, original. We’ve had our share of well-known writers and performers over the years that need no introductions. There is some kind of energy here, which words can’t really describe. Maybe it emulates from the coral below us? Maybe it’s from our longitude and latitude, coordinated with a gravitational pull from the sun in relation to our proximity to the Bermuda Triangle? I’ll let soothsayers, scientists, geologists, and Santaria priests figure that one out, as I’m too busy taking advantage of it myself. Today we also have the creative vibe going. One example of many is a local performing artist, and all around good guy Bo Fodor, has been very active on both the video and music front, as of late. Over the last few months Bo has had two websites he’s introduced to the world from Key West . The first was Key West Coconut Telegraph Television, which is an internet television station running twenty four hours a day. It offers local coverage, as well as some fun, rare reporting from our sister city, ninety miles south of our southernmost point, Havana.

Bo has also more recently started an internet radio station, Key West Original Music Radio, which features exactly that! In addition, Bo has made slide videos for all of the music featured! I can’t imagine how long that took to do! Oh my gosh!! Great job Bo! If anyone wants to hear the sound of the Keys, this is where you can tune in 24 hours a day.


I of course also feel the inspiration that emulates from this coral island as well and it suits my style perfectly. I’m someone who thrives on innovation! Blazing one’s own path is encouraged here. That shows up on my current CD “Shanghai’d and Marooned in Key West (things could be worse)” where we have ten songs and eleven different overall genres, all of which are Conch Rock and eight of the ten also wear the Trop Rock hat as well. Additionally, every song was inspired from the energy of this island.

With the website we’ve made some major innovative inroads as well! With the coming of digital downloads, both artwork and information have fallen by the wayside. While this is a big shame in so many ways, anyone who thinks digital downloads are going to go away, have their heads buried in the sand. What we’ve done, is set up all the information on the website in the music section! Each song has its own page, for instance. On each song’s individual page we have:

A) The Lyrics
B) The story behind the song
C) All of the personnel playing on the song.
D) Artwork from both local as well as international artists.

In some cases we also have a music track to go along with it. In addition, we have three unreleased tracks available for listening along with a story to go along with them as well. Thus far, we’re the only artist doing all of this. Some may have some things. I know Jimmy Buffett has the lyrics on his site, for
Instance, however there is no information other than that. I’ve talked to a producer/publisher in Nashville about what we’re doing down here and he was quite excited about it. I have the impression that in time, we’ll see more artists doing similar things with their music on their websites.

Of course here on the Blog we’re also infected with the creative vibe/energy/inspiration that oozes out of the rock we live on called Key West. In addition to the Key West news from the source, we also add pictures and/or a collage, as well as a music clip… not forgetting a video, every now and then! 
Thank God for The Conch Republic’s creative inspiration!

J. Harold Lowry of course is also drawing inspiration from the Conch Republic archipelago for his book "Key Lime Floats". A book that will surely bring a smile to your day! Available in either paperback or via download via Kindle!

It's a plethora of inspiration down in the entire Conch Republic!

This last week Country Singer/Songwriter/Actress and all around great person Misty Loggins was in town. Misty texted me shortly prior to let me know she’d be here and I texted her back saying “Hey! Want to cut a song with me?” She said “Sure!”. Fantastic!... only one problem. I didn’t have a song for her to sing. Hummm… off to work! So I wrote a song, “Island Blue” for her to sing. This is the first song for my next album “All The Best From Key West”, which is how I always sign off on letters and e-mails. Misty nailed it! Plus, in addition, again, it’s exploring new ground. At the moment we have Misty, Richard Crooks on drums, and myself on guitar, so the canvas is progressing well, but we still have a ways to go and more instruments to add. Dan Simpson is again at the helm on the board. I’ll have more info on this one when we finish it, hopefully in a couple of weeks.


All the Best From Key West!

Key West Chris



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