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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Big C Update

 The Big C Update: Not what we thought.

On April 20 I posted an update here on my condition. We had gone up to Miami Beach and had a further scan. About two hours later we met with the surgeon. He had told us that there were no signs of cancer on my liver. They would still operate, just to make sure.

As it turned out, what I thought he had been looking at was the scan taken two hours earlier, were actually scans taken at an earlier date. We found out later that the new scans reveled "At least three lesions" on my liver. This coming Monday I'll be under the knife to have them removed.

Dani and I are going through a difficult time, this being  a good deal part of it. Dani has also had issues with her neck, having had surgery just over a month ago. Then we had to put down our dog, Shellie. This was particularly difficult on both of us. We love Shellie with all of our hearts. Dani has a very strong bond with her. It turned out that she had lymphoma and two days after learning that, she was gone. It goes without saying a lot of tears have been shed. Shellie was a wonderful member of our family. We both bonded with her. As in all of my previous dogs, I'm one of these people that talk to their dogs as though they are human. Call me what you will, but that's the way it is. Additionally, Dani and Shellie were a pair that did everything around the house together. If Dani went upstairs, Shellie would follow.

My cancer issues have been going on since October. I had colon surgery just after Thanksgiving, then, in January/Febuary/March followed up with chemo. This weekend I go under the knife again for this liver deal. They tell me they'll be removing about 1/3 of my liver. Like lizard's tails, livers regenerate! πŸ˜ƒ The success rate on these operations is very high. so fingers crossed!

 After about a month I'll be back in chemo for about five interval treatments. These will last about two months.

With the colon surgery I had back in November, I was back in the musical saddle right after I got out of the hospital. People would ask me "Should you be playing so soon after your surgery?"

Well, the doctor said I could play, I just couldn't lift anything. With this surgery, I don't know what to expect? I do know that I'll be in the hospital about six days. After that, I'll see what the doctor says.

Fact is, I really don't have time to lally gag around. I've got too many things going on. I'm playing gigs, writing music, have a new recording coming out that five or six songs of mine will be on. I'm also writing the fourth book in my "Time Traveler" series. 

So, like the span from just after Thanksgiving until now, I didn't change my schedule, as I have important things to do! We'll see how this goes?

I do want to declarer that if things don't go well and I don't make it, all of my earthly possessions, in addition to my music and book royalties, are to be awarded to Danielle L. Hoy.  

Dani has suggested that I do a "Go Fund Me". I've always shied away from these in the past, however, with the scary uncertain potential at hand, she suggested it and I'll go with it. 

Here's the link for the Go Fund Me link. Thank you!!!



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