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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Only In Key West - Talk About Surreal!!!


So, yesterday was a really strange Key West day/evening, if there ever was one. It started in the afternoon when I noticed our dear friend, Kirstin posted on her Facebook page, that she was in route to Key West. We were expecting her and she's someone who, pre COVID, was in Key West as much as five times a year. She posted a bizarre sign at the airport that stated "No threats, No verbal abuse, No physical violence of any kind". This certainly doesn't seem like the American Dream, does it?

It certainly was a strange sign. .... Yet, it gets even stranger! 

Facebook will often list where you are when you post and it did this time as well. As it turned out, Kirstin was in Romulus!!!!! That makes her a Romulan!!! Suddenly the sign starts to make sense as well!


Threats, verbal abuse, and physical violence makes complete sense when taking Romulans into consideration. Now it was not only clear that she was at a Romulan departing facility located by Facebook GPS, and it was underlined with verbiage on the sign!

So, the oddball thing we find out today is our "Friend" Kirstin is actually a .... 

Romulan Spy !!!  😱😱😱

We played our weekly Saturday gig on Sebago Marquesa Sunset Sail! It was a fabulous sunset indeed! Then, in addition, our friends Theresa, Chrissie, and Kassie came along! Thanks for the support, ladies!



After after that we headed home and walked Tooloulou!  


Following that, we grabbed a fabulous meal at Clamenti's! We love that place!

When we finished there, we headed to Virgilio's where The Ericson Holt Band was playing! Ericson on vocals and piano, Bobby D on guitar ad Mick Kilgos on drums. What a great band!


Kirstin was there and I confronted her about being a Romulan. She didn't deny it. As a matter of fact... she damn well relished it! "I am a Romulan and I have the power!" 




I was sitting at a table with our friends Tadd and Lindsay. Tadd was next to me and his wife, Lindsay, was sitting across from us. Lindsay, who is from Edinburg, Scotland, says to Tadd and myself,

"Don't look now, but there's a guy behind you that looks like Mohamad Dali"

Tadd and I both say "What?"

She states it again "There's a guy behind you two that looks like Mohamad Dali"

So, we both say "Who is Mohamad Dali???"

Lindsay goes "No! Mohamad Dali,  Mohamad Dali!"

Tadd and I look at each other. It wasn't her Scottish accent either.

I was having this vision of someone half Mohamad Ali and half Salvador Dali.

As it turned out, the man she was referring to was a black guy with a full beard. Did Mohamad Ali ever have have a full beard? 

Well, no more than five minutes later this guy walks in who looks like... get ready...

Salvador Dali. I asked others for their opinion, they all agreed he looked like Salvador Dali... except Lindsay... 



                            Salvador Dali behind the two women (Chrissie and Lindsay)

A little later Chrissie DeVito points out a guy at the bar.

"Look at that guy sitting at the bar! He looks like an older version of Abraham Lincoln!"

Sure enough, he looked like Abe Lincoln at 73!

That's a lot to take in for one day, huh? 

A friend flies in from Romulus and turns out to be a Romulan spy. Then we have not one, not two, but three Doppel Gangers, Mohamad Ali (Dali), Salvador Dali, and Abe Lincoln! 

Only In Key West!


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