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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Keeping the Standard of Quality Music. House Concerts

I miss Jeff Allen for many reasons. First and foremost, he was a friend. Second, for those who didn't know Jeff, he was a full time Trop Rock DJ, dedicated to moving the genre forward, only with the best foot being used for every step.

I first met Jeff in 2009. He was doing a DJ gig at a bar on the roof top of The Bull, named The Garden of Eden, during the MOTM festival in Key West. He was visiting from Pennsylvania.

I had arrived in Key West in 2008, and in 2009 I recorded a demo of my song “Raise My Glass To The Upper 48”. A few months later I made a collage picture video to go with it. I was able to use pictures I had to match the lyrics, the theme of which which was a story of living in Key West.

Jeff had seen it and approached me at The Garden of Eden. He said “I'm really interested in what you are doing! It's original! Get a great producer! Please don't waste your time with a second rate producer either.”

Gary Ek steered me in the direction of Dan Simpson, who did a first rate job plus on my album
“Shanghai'd and Marooned in Key West (things could be worse)”. Jeff loved the album, I'm very happy to say, and played it all the time on his station, Beachfront Radio.

Later, I was talking with Jeff and he was telling me that he would get loads of CDs in the mail every month, from people hoping for airplay.

“Most of them I reject. The quality of the production on most is just not the top quality I'm looking for. Trop Rock has to be putting it's best foot forward and if it's not top quality, I won't use it.”. As in my case, Jeff always urged new artists to go with a great producer. If the production wasn't up to par, it never made the Beachfront playlist.

We lost Jeff to cancer a few years ago, unfortunately.

Since Jeff's passing, we've seen a lot of new Trop Rock stations enter the arena. Some are sticking to Jeff's idea of only having top quality recordings. On the flip side, there are DJs out there that unfortunately must have ears of tin, as the some of the music they are airing are, on a good day, third or fourth rate. In some cases, that's being kind. In other words, the production quality of a lot of material we're hearing lately is complete crap.

As I mentioned, when I set out, I decided to go with local engineer/producer Dan Simpson. I was working at an art gallery at the time and told a new guy who had just transferred from a sister gallery down the street, about my project. When I told him Dan was going to produce the album, his reply was “I never heard of him. I'll produce you! I'm a great producer. My stuff sounds fantastic!”

Well, anyone who is in the music business in Key West knows Dan Simpson. Dan had been playing bass and recording all sorts of artists in Key West for over thirty years. Naturally, a red flag went up. The employee was transferred back to the other gallery a few days later. Several months after that I heard something that the employee produced. It may have been the worst thing I've ever heard. It was simply atrocious.

The point here being that there are a thousand charlatans out there who will try to convince those who just don't know the industry. Some may have all sorts of top line recording equipment. However, that doesn't mean squid. The idiot from the art gallery who wanted to produce me, actually thought he was really good. I could have done much better than he did, and I am no recording engineer by any stretch of the imagination. Terrifying.

Dan Simpson moved from Key West last year. He spent thirty-seven years here. I'll always be grateful for both his level of the work we did together, his professionalism, as well as his friendship. For myself, I'm a hands-on sort of artist. I can't just send a demo of a song to a producer and have them send me a finished product back. I'm the type that is there during the recording and making changes as we go. The reality of it is, I'm co-producing it from a standpoint of personnel, though certainly not the engineering side of it. So, Dan moving away, doesn't work.

In Key West, we're very fortunate to have Ian Shaw, an English producer who moved here several years ago. I've been friends with Ian for almost as long as he's been here. Ian has a long, very successful track record with over thirty years of success in Great Britain. He and I started working on my next album “Jump Into de FiYa!” last year. The recording and production is first rate, or above with Ian Shaw.

If you are a recording artist, a DJ, or station principal, I urge you to keep the standard at it's highest level, as Jeff did. Measure the quality of professional, commercially produced recordings by artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Zach Brown, Mark Knopfler, The Dead, ABB, etc. Use that as your gauge! Granted, none of the Trop artists will have a budget to work with what will rival those artists, however, their finished product should be 80% of the quality, or more, of that of the big budget pros. If it's not, my suggestion is not to play it, unless you're doing a demo show*.

And for the artists, don't listen to the hype you might get. Listen to the producer's finished work of others before jumping into the fire. That's the real test.

Also, very important!!!! Listen to their previous work through various speakers and headphones. The ear bud headphones as well! Hearing work through the producer's speakers is only part of the equation. The average listener will never hear your music through recording monitors.

As DJs, go ahead, you are not only allowed to cherry pick, Jeff's spirit is encouraging you to do so.

Maintain the standard and keep the bar high!

House Concerts

We've had a great time over the last couple of years doing house concerts! The Shanty Hounds first house concert was at The Sandbox on Anna Maria Island, Fl. in August, 2015. It was a fantastic success! A lot of people came and we had a great time!

On that another trip in 2016, we headed out of the Keys this time to Diablo Creek in Englewood, then on to at Vinny & Mo's Lobsteritaville, an hour south in Cape Coral. What a blast there as well!

So far this year we've done two. One in Cape Coral at Art and Darleen's Destination D'Arts, in Cape Coral and then up to J & L's Lai Low in Port Charlotte for anther fantastic time!

There are many great things about house concerts, one of which is that it's exactly what it says it is, a concert. It's a different animal than playing in a bar. In a bar, people have the opportunity to listen to what the artist is playing, or shoot the breeze with their friends. At a house concert people sit and listen to the music! Fantastic!

In some cases, the house concert venue will have a designated area for those who want to talk, which is far away from the concert, so not to interrupt the concert itself. Great idea!

One of the things we heard on our last trip, was that on the west coast of Florida, house concerts were springing up left and right, and left again. The events we played were about an hour apart. That works. What we've been told was that the market is getting saturated, however. Apparently two, sometimes three events are being held in the same area, at the same time.

This isn't good for anyone. The patrons are dispersed between events, instead of all focusing on one. In addition, there are events every week. House concerts should be something special. If there are house concerts every week, they go from being special to being routine. House concerts should never be routine.

In my opinion, house concerts should be special. If the people attending are going every week and deciding between acts the uniqueness of the events are lost.

* = Danny Lynn of Tiki Man Radio is thinking about be doing a demo show. Demos are recordings that are often used to sample a song. More often than not, a demo is a sample of a song. The recording is often minimal, sometimes just a guitar and a voice, others a bit more. Demos are almost never used as a final recording. The fun thing about Danny's show is that if the audience responds well, the artist may just record it professionally as a release! This could be a springboard for new songs!

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Key West Neighborhoods - The Mooring Field

When most people think of Key West neighborhoods, they think of the beautiful homes that New England sea captains built here, in the style of homes in their hometowns of Gloucester, New Bedford, Kennebunkport, Mystic, Provincetown, Newport, Chatham, and others. Or, they may think of the conch houses that were brought over from the Bahamas, and homes built here subsequently in that style. Others may also think of Hemingway's French Mediterranean style home, the only one of that style on the island.

However, there's another neighborhood here in the 33040 zip code that is quite different than any of the aforementioned.

Just off of Key West about a quarter mile, lies Westeria Island. Also known as Christmas Tree Island, it's charted as Westeria. Westeria is an uninhabited island and no one really knows who owns it. It is a man-made island.

No one lives on Westeria Island at this writing. Some have camped there at various stages, however at the moment, it's unoccupied. A man-made island, it was built by the Navy dredging Key West Harbor in the 1890's.

However, it's not Westeria Island that this writing is about. That is only a geographical focal point. What we look at today is actually what surrounds Westeria Island. What surrounds Westeria Island? Well, that would be The Gulf of Mexico. And in The Gulf of Mexico is The Mooring Field.

Key West, after all, is an island one hundred and six miles out to sea. On the south side is The Atlantic Ocean/Straights of Florida and the north side is The Gulf of Mexico.

Those who have regularly read this blog and seen often, me encouraging everyone to get out on the water when you visit. After all, this island was first settled by fishermen. One of it's nicknames is “A Drinking Village With a Fishing Problem”... A bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.

But seriously, why come to an island and not get out on the water???? Hello!!!

Just for a moment, let's explore living in Key West, specifically expenses.

Everything in Key West costs pretty much the same as it does on the mainland, except fuel and housing.

Gasoline is about $.30 - $.40 more in Key West than it is in Key Largo.

When I lived in Cutler Bay, Fla. I rented a 1,300 square ft, three bedroom ranch-style home with a built in pool, a beautiful back yard with a surrounding eight-foot hedge keeping things so private that my sister-in-law used to come over and sunbathe topless next to the built in pool.

The apartment I had on Whitehead St. here in Key West cost the same and was maybe 500 Sq. Ft.... no pool, no hedge, no topless sister-in-law., cost the same as the house in Cutler Bay. The little house we moved into three years ago is $500 more.

Bottom line, housing is a killer in Key West.

With that as a backdrop, let's go back to Westeria Island, or rather The Gulf of Mexico that surrounds it. If you look at Westeria you'll see boats anchored everywhere just off of it. All of these boats are people's homes. Some are pristine, others dilapidated. The people that live here are known as “Liveaboards”.

It must be stated for those not familiar, Liveaboards are anyone who lives on their boat. Some may live on a ten million dollar, one-hundred-foot yacht (33M) docked in a luxury harbor in Ft. Lauderdale, while another could be fishing for their dinner in a crusty, fifty-year-old twenty-foot sailboat. They are both Liveaboards.

(I have heard that people who live in harbors, be they common, mid-class, or luxury want a different name attached to their lifestyle, but I don't know what that is?)

For those liveaboards living off Key West, the living is free. That's right, free. For these folks who are anchored off Westeria Island, they often go by the term “Living On The Hook”, a nautical reference to the anchor.

The only way in and out is via a dingy. Key West dingy dock fees are somewhere around $100 a month and the one in Key West Bight is right at Turtle Kraals.

While it may seem romantic, and in many ways it is, stop for a moment and think about the day it's pouring down rain, the wind is howling, three-foot seas, and you have to go to work.

This neighborhood is fascinating and if you have the chance to sail by it, do so!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Story Behind The Song – Island Blue

Before I ever moved to Key West, I was a fan of Gweko's (A.K.A. Gary Ek), music video he made for James Slater's song, “Key West Address”. I thought it captured the entire feel of the town perfectly. It was made during the Key West Songwriter's Festival and had several visiting songwriter artists acting in it.

My first year in Key West, I attended an event at The Bottle Cap during the Key West Songwriter's Fest (KWSF) called “The Late Night Hang”. The Late Night Hang started at midnight and was actually after all of the events had ended. 

It should be noted for those not familiar with the KWSF,  it is the largest songwriters event in the United States.... excuse me, The World! From Key West's location, it's put on by Charlie Bauer and Danielle Holiday. Additionally, it's also put on by BMI Nashville, working in conjunction with Charlie and Danielle. With BMI Nashville being involved, you can imagine how many Nashville songwriters are taking part.

At The Late Night Hang was a place where everyone from Nashville would gather and let their hair down at the end of the day. In addition to artists, there were producers, record companies, managers, you name it, they were there.

Interestingly enough, it was actually an ASCAP event. ASCAP is essentially BMI's competitor. The Bottlecap was always mobbed. Inside, they ran it like an open-mic. They had a house trio to back up anyone who they called. Meanwhile, outside the terrace was bumper-to-bumper, and the parking area was flowing out into the streets with people.

So, I'm there hanging out and all of the sudden I saw a somewhat familiar face. I had to approach her.

“Hey! You're one of the girls in that video Gary Ek made for James Slater, Key West Address!” I said.

In a strong Gomer Pyle style southern accent she replied “I am! My name is Misty Loggins, what's yours?”. As it turned out, although she was a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, she grew up in northwest Georgia.

From that moment on, we became great friends! Every year when she would be back we'd make sure we got together. Last year she stayed with us. When I first was invited to play in the KWSF, we were paired on the same stage. We have a really fun chemistry together, with leg pulling and fun banter. The organizers picked up on that and have paired us every year subsequently.

The Key West Songwriters Festival 2017, will be from May 10th to May 14th,,,, Make arrangements to be here for this! It the best musical event all year in Key West  

So, with that as the back drop, a few years ago I get this call from her saying that she's coming down to play a week at the Smokin Tuna Saloon, here in Key West. I say “Fantastic!”. Then, almost with a knee jerk reaction I say “Hey, when you're down, lets cut a song together!” Her response was “That would be wonderful! Lets do it!” Done deal and she would be here in two weeks!

This would be fantastic! It was great for her too, because singing one of my songs would give her exposure to an entirely new audience!

After I got off the phone I started thinking. “ uh, I don't have a song for her to sing”


So, I had two weeks to come up with a song for her to sing. My first week was just running into a brick wall. Nothing was working. Everything was forced and it just wasn't happening.

The first part of the second week... D Day, if you will, I woke up, went down stairs picked up my guitar and hit two simple chords, an E and a B7. “THIS IS IT!” No question about it.

I played with the two chords and it just took off from there. Before I knew it I had a full progression for the verses with seven more chords, a total of nine. This time it had a specific theme style and a direction musically. I now had it in the cross hairs and I was taking no prisoners. Next up, I put the bridge for the song together, which included five additional new chords. The song now had fourteen chords. I had a name for the song, “Island Blue”, and I could hear it in the song when I played it, though at this point that's all there was to it.

Although not based, or rooted off anything musically, the song had a Patsy Cline style to it. Something in the structural feel vane of I Fall To Pieces, Crazy, or, She's Got You. If Patsy Cline Country style music was a genre unto itself, Island Blue was within it's borders.

That's what I heard when I hit those two chords earlier, E and B7. The song would be rooted in Country Blues. What ever happened to Country Blues anyway?

Next would be the lyric story line within the structure of the music. As I mentioned, I already heard the line “Island Blue”in my head. The rest of he story came pretty quickly. Although structurally a Country style Blues, the story line wouldn't be a sad story. This would be the story of joy. The story of someone who goes on vacation to a tropical island, from some non-specific place on the mainland. Maybe it was Atlanta? Perhaps Boston? Chicago? Or maybe a small town, such as Ridgewood, New Jersey, or maybe Misty's home town, Hollywood, Georgia.

This would not be specific. It didn't need to be. Only that the protagonist, in this case represented by Misty Loggins, would have traveled to a tropical island, be it St. Thomas, St. John, St. Barts, Jos Van Dyke, Barbados, Key West, Martinique, Islamorada, what have you, and after being there for a few days, decided this was where she wanted to live and makes up her mind to do so.

The song was done before noon. I was in Private Ear studio with Dan Simpson on bass, and the great Richard Crooks on drums by the end of the week.

Misty came in and laid her track down. The key of E wasn't working for her, on this particular morning, so at her suggestion, we changed the key to F. It's been that was ever since. Misty nailed it too!

Later, we brought in Ericson Holt on piano and organ, plus, we added Gary Carter up in Nashville, on pedal steel. Later, my girlfriend Dani Hoy was added on background vocals. Dan Simpson did all the engineering, recording, and mixing.

The song is the first song to be available from my upcoming album “Jump Into de FiYa!!!”

On an interesting side note, this is the only song that I've written for a specific person to sing, other than myself.

It's available on Amazon for less than a dollar:

                                                                       (Key - F) 

(intro) F F7 Bb Db9 C9 F Cdim

              F       F7                             C7                       Dm7                                   Gm7   C7
                    F           F7                           Bb               Bb7                   F           Db9 C9   F Caug
  F       F7             C7                 Dm7                                   Gm7   C 7
                    F         F7                     Bb                   Bb7                 F                     Db9 C9 F

Bb Maj7                                             F Maj7
                Bb Maj7                         F Maj7 F7
  BbMaj7                                       F             F7
Gm7                           Am7                             Dm7         Dbm7 Cm7                           Bb Maj7 Gm7
C7                               F             Db9 C9 F Caug                      
            THIS WAS MY LIFE

                    F   F7                       C7                       Dm7               Gm7     C7
                    F       F7                   Bb             Bb7         F                         Db9 C9 F

BbMaj7                                             EFMaj7
                BbMaj7                         FMaj7   F7
  BbMaj7                                       F               F7
Gm7                           Am7                             Dm7         Dbm7 Cm7                           Bb Maj7 Gm7
C7                               F             Db9 C9 F Cdim                      
            THIS WAS MY LIFE
        F     F7                           C7         Dm7                                           Gm7           C7
          F       F7                 Bb                           Bb7       F       Db9 C9 F     F7
          F       F7                   Bb                           Bb7       F       Db9 C9 F Caug         F7
© 12/5/2011 Christopher R. Rehm BMI

Island Blue

Drums: Richard Crooks, Bass: Dan Simpson, Vocals: Misty Loggins, Keyboards: Ericson Holt, Guitar: Chris Rehm, Pedal Steel: Gary Carter B/G Vocals: Dani Hoy

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Key West Happy Hour - Bagatelle


Bagatelle is a very beautiful, very classy, restaurant located close to the beginning of Duval St. directly across from The Hogs Breath Saloon, at 115 Duval St.

Every establishment that has Happy Hour in Key West, has their own start and stop times. Bagatelle's runs from 4 – 6. My girlfriend Dani Hoy and I arrived just after Happy Hour started. It's a fabulous atmosphere! The property is nothing less than stunning. Built as a mansion in 1884, it was a private home. Somewhere around thirty years ago, it was moved to its current location on Duval.

With a wraparound veranda, and large windows allowing the beautiful trade winds to breeze through, in many ways Bagatelle is like stepping back in time to a melancholy era.

As I mentioned, Dani Hoy and I arrived just after Happy Hour started. It was moderately busy, but not too busy. Consequently, we had no trouble at all finding two seats at the first-floor bar. Our friend Dee Dee was coming and there was a seat for her as well.

We sat at the bar and enjoyed the fresh breeze. As I mentioned, the atmosphere was like stepping back in time and was wonderful. You could easily see yourself being in a 1940's movie, albeit in color!

Five minutes passed and not only were we not served, we weren't even greeted at the bar. When we were at The Boathouse a week earlier, the place was mobbed, however right after arriving, the bartender said with a big smile “Hi! How are you? Can you give me a second or two and I'll get your order? Thanks!”Additionally, employees who weren't even our servers, gave a cheerful greeting as they passed. At Bagatelle no one ever even greeted us at the bar for five minutes.

Dani suggested we try upstairs. We left the first-floor bar and headed up the stairs to the bar on the second floor. It had a beautiful, similar feel to downstairs. I must say, I loved the overall feel of the entire establishment. It is just marvelous!

We sat at the upstairs bar and within ten seconds we were greeted by the bartender, who's name was Kim. Kim was fantastic throughout our stay there, right on top of things the entire Happy Hour!

For starters, I ordered the Heavy Seas Pounder Pils out of the Heavy Seas Brewery in Baltimore. I never had it before. It uses four European hops, three German, one Czech and European malt. Sounds great, however, I wasn't all that impressed with it honestly and I switched to Stella thereafter. 

Having said that, there are very few American craft lagers that can hold a candle to the traditional European lagers. The Stella worked fine with what we ordered! Granted, a Warsteiner, Bittburger, K├Ânig, or Pilsner Urquell offer far superior beers that would complement Bagatelle's cuisine to the highest degree. No reflection on Bagatelle however. Their clientele are more likely to know Stella anyway. and the Stella does work! More like hats off for them trying something out like Heavy Seas Pounder Pils, which is out of the norm! The beer at Happy Hour was a very reasonable $5 each.

Dani had the Blueberry Basil Lemonade and liked it so much she had two! The Happy Hour drink menu were all $6.

The Happy Hour Fare had six items on it, all $5 each. Perfect price for Happy Hour!

We had the Causu Maki, a curious mashed potato wrapped around a filling of the day, sushi style. The filling when we went was smoked salmon. Wonderful!

We also had the Asian chicken dumpling pot stickers, which were fried, and served with a sweet chili sauce. My arteries would have appreciated them steamed perhaps, however they were excellent none the less.

Third, we had the Tuna Tartare, a splendid dish that hopefully had enough omega 3 in them to dissolve the cholesterol from the delicious pot stickers! :-D

I had heard a lot about Bagatelle's Happy Hour and it was all very good. My over all experience there was quite good as well. The six option menu at $5 kept things from being confusing and makes for an easy decision for the clientele, not to mention a quick order for their kitchen.

The atmosphere was as good as you'll find, in addition to being very unique. The food was very good and everything was priced right.

While we sat at the bar, Bagatelle offers a large assortment of tables, with beautiful wicker chairs, upstairs, downstairs, inside and out. They also offer a large outside bar and seating upstairs. this section was closed when we were there. It looked as though they were setting it up for the evening.

In the service business, one of the most important things to do is acknowledge the clientele when they arrive. A good example of this was shown by Kim, in the upstairs bar, on the day we went.

Key West Happy Hour Rating: “FOUR STARS”

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Hour - Key West - The Boat House!

Happy Hour in Key West - The Boat House

Location: The docks at A & B Marina, Key West

½ way between A & B Seafood and Conch Republic Seafood

Key West is loaded with Happy Hours! Not every eating/drinking establishment has them, mind you. However, the ones that do are cherished by locals and visitors alike. Of course, locals know most of them just by the fact that they have 365 days a year to explore. Plus, Happy Hour is always a good draw!

If you ask ten locals in Key West what the best Happy Hour is, eight to ten will say The Boat House. The Boat House is part of The Commodore Restaurant and located right on the docks of the A & B Marina. For those of you familiar with Captain Marlin Scott's Key West Reports on his own Facebook page, as well as his Fishmonster Magazine's page, his boat, Real Time, is docked directly out front.

*Be sure to check out the Facebook link for one of his video reports, this one at The Boat House, at the end of this blog!

One of the main ingrediants to a good Happy Hour, is the company that you share it with! On this venture, I was with my betst half, Dani Hoy, and our very dear friends Larry Poff and Michelle Dougan!

While upstairs The Commodore offers white linen dressed tables, downstairs, and a more formal dining experience, downstairs, dock level, is the Boat House.It's a real bar that can be boisterous, though always civilized. The place rocks

There is no set standard time for Happy Hour in Key West. Those establishments who have Happy Hour set their own times. The Boat House Happy Hour runs from 4 to 6:30. All of their draft beer and their Small Plates, are half price.

Candidly, their Small Plates are truly exceptional.

I started off with their Boathouse Bread. This is mandatory. There's a very good reason everyone orders it and that's because it's simply exceptional! They ad d their Chef's Toppings, which include cheese.and seasonings. You'll think you died and went to Heaven.

On this visit I ordered the mini kabobs of filet mignon and tomatoes, which comes with a dipping sauce as well. Certainly, a treat to the taste bud senses, if there ever was one.

The third item was the fish bites, which is the catch of the day. Today the catch was grouper. A very lite batter and a tartar sauce. Perfectly done!

For our last dish, we ordered the Baby Lamb Chops with rosemary, garlic, and balsamic. Totally amazing!

Cap it off with a fabulous atmosphere, right on the docks of Key West! 

The Boat House has a full U-shaped bar, a long common table, booths, as well as tables, so there's something for everyone.

The crowd is totally a mixed crowd, creating a fabulous atmosphere. Clientele ages ran from 21 to 90+. The staff has always been exceptional and when we went on Friday, we first waited for a table, at the bar. Our bartender was Jessica and she was exceptional. Additionally, our server at our table when we were seated, was Maria, As busy as she was, always kept a great attitude and played along with our jokes.

Negatives? Humm, Not really. 

When I was checking on our table at the host stand, a customer who looked like Nicolas Cage, asked the host how to get to Mallary Square. The host didn't know where Mallery Square was. Odd. I helped Nicolas out, however. The directions are really easy from there.

On another evening there, a few years back, my friend Cyndi thought it would be fun to dress our friend, Doug, up in drag at Happy Hour at the Boat House! Doug is 100% straight, but he's always up for a laugh... Boa and all!

As I mentioned earlier, The Boat House is regarded by far as the best Happy Hour in Key West. That says a LOT because there are a lot of damn good Happy Hours in this town!

Key West Happy Hour Rating is "FIVE STARS +"

I'm adding Key West Happy Hour reviews to the blog. At the moment there isn't a set schedule for them, however, you'll see them popping up from here on!

*Captain Marlin Scott's video report visiting The Boat House on the night we were there. Hey! We're in the video!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Hemingway House - Key West

The Hemingway House

I'm always at the ready when I see tourists here looking at a map and offer assistance with directions. Because of my close proximity, often they are looking for The Hemingway House. I usually tell them right after I point them in the right direction, “I hate that place!”

They usually look quite surprised and ask why.

“Because they won't allow me to move in!”

Naturally, everyone laughs!

I try to make a point of going there once a year. Well, that's the goal. As with so many things in life, those in close proximity are more likely to be on the receiving end of procrastination.

As one of the books I'm currently writing involves a bit of Hemingway in it, I scooted the three blocks over to the house for some research into obtaining a book there. Naturally, we did a tour and had a look around.

Houses here in Key West are, speaking as a matter of fact, stunning. The architecture ranges from Conch homes, brought over from the Bahamas and rebuilt here, to bungalows, to so many homes in Old Town, which were made for New England sea captain's winter homes, in the style that they enjoyed in New England. If you took away the palm trees, a picture of many of these homes could easily be confused with Chatham or Gloucester sea port homes.

The Hemingway House is unique to itself, however. It is the only French Colonial style house on the island that I am familiar with. It sits on the second highest point on the island at 16 ft. (Solaris Hill is the highest in Key West at 18 ft. while Lignumvitae Key is the highest overall in the Keys at 19 Ft)

The home is just stunning. Back in the day when it was built in 1851, there was no such thing as air conditioning, of course. Therefore it's very airy and breezy, with large windows which used to be open to allow the breeze. It also has a basement, which is highly unusual for any house in the Conch Republic, be it in Key West, Key Largo, or anywhere in between. Tours don't include the basement... I want to see the basement!

The ceilings are high, perhaps ten feet (three meters) and the major rooms and hallways all have chandeliers from Murano, Italy, that the Hemingways installed.

The home is decorated with many pictures of Hemingway, as you would expect.

The pool is enormous, with a cost of $20,000 when it was built in 1938. This equates to $330,000.00 today! They had to dynamite it. There's no other way to get through the coral rock base here. In the end, it was actually about 2 ½ times more expensive than the entire house was, only several years earlier, when they bought it in 1931 It's 10 feet deep (3meters) at the south end and half that at the north end. It's sixty feet long (18.2 Meters) and twenty-four feet wide (7.3 Meters). There's a great tale about it, which the tour guides will recant to you.

I don't want to go too far into depth on the property, in the event you decide to visit. If so, definitely go on one of the organized tours of the home. The guides will give a very informative tour of the facility. When you go on the tour, at the end, be certain to tip (gratuity) to the guide. $5 or more per person is polite.

If you are from Europe, please understand that tipping (Gratuity) is part of our culture here and how many actually make their living. At a place like Hemingway's, there's not a base, but five dollars or more is good.

In restaurants and bars, for reasons I can't explain, 18% of the bill is where it starts. I usually make it simple and round it off to 20%. It's easy to figure. A $100 bill gets a $20 tip. $50 a $10 so on and so forth.

So, the Hemingway house is a must for anyone visiting Key West. They also have a bookstore on the property. After doing the tour, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to read something by Hemingway.

The Green Hills of Africa, Death in The Afternoon, To Have and Have Not, For Whom The Bell Tolls (released a year after he left Key West, but largely written here) are a few of the works he wrote while living in this house.

For many visiting Key West, their destinations are focused on the various watering holes. That's a fun thing, however, Key West offers places such as Hemingway's home, which offer something geared more for those who enjoy more cerebral enjoyment, be it for an afternoon, or the entire visit.

The gardens at Hemingway's house can only be described as being lush. 

When I'm there, I don't want to leave.

I've purposely left massive information out of this blog so as not to spoil so many facts that go along with The Hemingway House for when you go! Enjoy!

In the end, if I won a huge lottery, yes, I'd love to live in Hemingway's house here in Key West. However, after only a moment, the reality is, this is not for any individual, in this day and age. This is an American treasure, to be shared with the entire world. 

The Hemingway House is located at 907 Whitehead St, a few doors down from the intersection of Truman and Whitehead intersection.

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If you'd like to support my efforts, please look into my music, as well as my book "Bar Stories"!

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Amazon (song “Island Blue”)

Also, please check out my book “Bar Stories”. It's a fun book about various bar situations I've seen, witnessed, or participated in over the decades. If you're looking for a depressing book, you're in the wrong place!

This book is FUN! Additionally, purchasing this book also is helping me write the three other books I am currently working on: “The Absolute Best Bars in the Florida Keys”, “Living On A Tropical Island” (also known at this point as “Island Living”), and “Time Traveler”. Bar Stories is only: