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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 5:30 Sound Check

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Every Friday at 5:30, The Green Parrot Bar has it's 5:30 sound check, usually from the band that's playing that evening, as well as Saturday. This isn't always the case. There are also times that a different band will play the 5:30 Sound Check. You may very well see a local artist there at 5:30 as well. This last Friday however, it was the Friday/Saturday band doing the 5:30 slot.

The band this week were The Blue Vipers from Brooklyn. A fun, acoustic Jazz/Swing/Blues band doing music from the '20's and '30's with guitar, upright bass, percussion, and clarinet/saxophone. Loads of fun. If the front man on guitar told you he was the grandson of Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olson on the '50's tv series Superman, you wouldn't question it.

They had the crowd dancing in front of the stage and "everyone was having a good time and smoking cigarettes". Some girls were doing Flapper style dances, perhaps it was The Charleston... Next to me was a woman who looked exactly like a 5'4" Olive Oil, right out of Popeye. The Epileptic Scarecrow also jumped out several times and did one of his wild, patented 45 second dances, just to give additional color to an already interesting evening.

At 7:00 it all wraps up. Try to close your bar tabs before then, as the staff has a shift change.

Regardless of who's playing at the 'Parrot, you will have a great time at the 5:30 Sound Check!!!

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