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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ride to Miami, Chris Flowers, Higgs Beach

Well, it's been an interesting week, to say the least! :-D It's been said that it would take a heart attack or a crow bar to get me off this island, or at least out of the Conch Republic.

Tuesday through Friday I was up in my old home town of Miami as a guest of the University of Miami's Medical Center. A BIG thanks to Dr. Zembrano, Dr. Berger, and especially Dr. Boros, who's here in Key West!

Another big event this week was seeing Sir Christopher Flowers back in Key West! Years ago he was knighted by Mel Fisher, the King of the Conch Republic, Hence, the "Sir" title. Chris is a keyboard wizard and the town's missed him greatly!He'd been away for six months and it's great to see him back! I bumped into him walking the Whippets two days ago and again this morning. He's happy to be back and looks to be focussed in a positive direction! Great to have you back Chris! Oh, it's also his 20th birthday today! Happy Birthday Chris!!!

This weekend is, of course, the Super Bowl! I'm tied to New Orleans, if for no other reason that Cajun and Tooloulou hail from Baton Rouge! Looking forward to a great game! Not sure where I'll watch it however.

In the news there's talk about $300,000.00 "improvements" to Higgs Beach. Stuff like this always scares me, when you get people who want to renovate things. Next thing you know they'll do something sacrilegious and tear down the classic gazebos!!!! I HOPE NOT!!!

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