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Monday, September 13, 2010

Today's Key West Citizen

I'm happy to say that my letter was published in today's Key West Citizen! Thanks guys!

I rode my bike up North Roosevelt Boulevard this afternoon and realized a couple of things, which are really common sense. The renovations ... will take about two years, according to estimates. Really? This will amount to being a two-year roadblock.

The insurrection that took place here 28 years ago was based on a roadblock as well. That ... lasted far less than two years. This construction is going to cause great hardship to the local, tourist-based economy. "Key West, the town you can't get in or out of." Just like 28 years ago, only twice as worse. ...

What are the people in City Hall thinking? ... One of the great things visitors love about our town is the history. Enter Key West today and you have a quaint, old boulevard. So now we're going to tear that up and ... create havoc, both traffic and economic, building a modern thoroughfare. Perhaps we should change our name to Southernmost Miami?

I feel the best thing to do is, if necessary, repave [it]. This should take about one to two months. This should also take place in August and September of next year, the slowest months of the year here. The seawall should be repaired where it needs to be. Don't build a whole new wall. In the places where palms have died and there are empty spaces, replace them. ... Here is a proposal that saves ... approximately 18 months' of construction and millions ... in expenses, not to mention the same in local business sacrifices. ... We retain our authentic look, which continually draws visitors here. ... I'm tempted to send City Hall my bill for $750,000 (the same as the Glynn Archer estimate) based solely on the P.T. Barnum observation of "There's a sucker born every minute." However, as it's not coming solely out of their collective pockets, but rather the citizens and taxpayers of Key West, I'll hand them the ball ... and hope they run with it. Let's just hope they pull their heads out and see the sunshine.

Chris Rehm

Key West

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