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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bartender Appretiation Day

So? Who are your favorite bartenders? This is not a competition, but rather just an appreciation for those who are behind the bar, taking care of our libations and for many, offering an open ear. This is not to pit one against the other in some kind of stupid competition. This is just a way of saying “Thanks!” and telling those who serve us that we’re grateful for their dedication to their profession, as well as to ourselves.

Obviously, I’ll be listing those here in Key West, as that is my home. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you are. List those whom you feel deserve a tip of the hat to and tell them to check it out, so it hits home for them. Perhaps you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and you go on vacation every year to Amsterdam and go to a small bar there, where Dirk van der Voorde always remembers you and makes your vacation there, serving you Grolsch. List him! Like any of us, all of these folks enjoy being appreciated and here’s your opportunity!

List, between three and six favorite bartenders, in no particular order and the bar they work in.

Have fun!

I'll kick things off, in no particular order:

Ken - The Green Parrot, Key West

Vicky - Schooner Wharf Bar, Key West

Patrick - Captain Tony's Saloon, Key West

Jeff - The Green Parrot Key West

Jim - Gilbert's Resort, Key Largo

Bob - Schooner Wharf Bar, Key West

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