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Monday, October 31, 2011

MORE! To Do and Not Do in Key West!

Beautiful Day Down Paradise Way by Key West Chris Rehm

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Lets get the don’ts out of the way first!

If you are incapable or just too damn phreaking cheap of leaving a fair tip (15 – 20%) to anyone who serves you drinks or meals, you really can’t afford to go out in the first place. Stay home. Stiffing a server or a bartender is stealing and a B/S tip is an insult. A few rotten apples give an entire event’s participants a bad name.

Don’t drive down Virginia St (first intersection south of Duval & Truman) between Duval and Whitehead. Parked cars are sticking out everywhere, it’s a two-way street wide enough for one car, and it’s just a street you may say “Why did I drive down here?”

Now the Do’s

The best beach in town is Ft. Zachary Taylor. Fort Zack, as we locals call it, is a state park and it is accessible via Southard St., west of The Green Parrot.
Sunsets are one of the things Key West is known for. All of the tourists flock to Mallory Square to see it and all sorts of performers, music, jugglers, high wire, you name it, lots of fun!

Another great place to see a sunset is on the roof of La Concha Hotel, at 430 Duval St. Sunset is fantastic from up there and everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel. Live music and a full bar are available as well.

The aforementioned Ft. Zack is also a great place to watch the sunset. You’re on the western tip of the island, which is cool also.

Visit Ernest Hemingway’s house! There is one major problem with Ernest’s house however; you’ll want to move in. The guided tours are wonderful and the guides work for gratuity as well.

Eating out is a great pastime here. For just a quick bite on the run, check out Sharkbites on South Street, half way between Duval and Simonton Streets. They have sandwiches for fewer than seven bucks. Ryan and Bill are the owners there.

On the corner of South Street and Simon St. is Ana’s, a Cuban convenience store with a walk up window. Great menu too! South Street is the street that the Southernmost Point is on.

Other great places of note for dining;
Blue Heaven is a must. It’s better experienced than described, so just go. If it’s too pricy for you to eat, go and hang out at the bar, which sits outside under a water tower that was from the Flagler Railroad.

Schooner Wharf is of course a great setting for eating anything. Their menu is good, while being right on the water, the scenery can’t be beat. They also now have breakfast. Say hi to Vicki or Debbi behind the bar!

Santiago’s Bodega, a little further down the street from Blue Heaven, this tapas style restaurant has rightfully been accused of having the best dishes on the island. I haven’t eaten everywhere, but this is damn good.

Pepe’s on Caroline St. is known for their breakfasts, although any other meal is likewise excellent.

Quick blog today… more in the next one!

Anyone in town who wants to say hello this week, I'll be on a quick gig at Sloppy Joe's Thursday, November 3rd from 3:15 - 3:30. Lots of great acts playing. I'll also be at one of Kelly Maguire's gigs after 4 at Lighthouse Court, across from Hemingway's house on Whitehead, (just a few doors north of me, actually)


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