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Friday, March 2, 2012



^listen to Misty Loggins singing Island Blue while you read the blog!^


Hey everyone! Been away from the blog for February, so I apologize! I had a fun helicopter ride to Miami and a day and a half stay at the hospital. Regretfully, they didn’t stay to fly me home, but my friend George Ardito drove me from Miami Beach to the Caribbean Club in Key Largo, where my friend Cindi Hogan picked me up and drove me to her and her husband Rick’s place in Cudjoe Key. I spent the rest of the weekend there with the two of them and a pack of dogs, which now also compromised of Cajun and Tooloulou, whom Cindi took care of while I was away. Big thank you to them for that and also to my friend Nina Locardi, who drove up from Key Large (100 miles) to rescue them and bring them to Cindi and Rick’s.

It was a good opportunity to get out of Key West and see some of the other Keys. A funny thing about the keys is that if you’re only five miles from Mile Zero, on Stock Island, or 107 miles up at Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo, if you’re going “into town”, you’re going to Key West. Mind you, there are towns in the Keys, such as, Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Sugarloaf… ex., However, while there are these towns which are indeed incorporated towns, none have a “town”, per say. Yes, they have a stretch of commerce along Overseas Highway, but no real downtown areas.
Key West is the downtown of the Keys. Having said that, getting off of Key West and getting to some of the other Keys, is a true pleasure. For Conch Republic residents, Key West is the hustle and bustle. Get out of Key West and it’s the true definition of the term “Laid Back”. In Key West, everybody’s doing something. Going to the Southernmost Point, Bar Hopping, taking a Conch Train or a Trolley tour, sightseeing.. ex.

On the other Keys it’s just … quiet, peaceful, and tranquil. When Cindi stopped at the Caribbean Club to pick me up, I had been there for a few hours. Just hanging out I got to see the flock of wild parrots, Conyers I believe them to be, that stop by late in the afternoon. I gazed out at the dock, where generations of docks ago, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall became friendly while filming the movie “Key Largo”. The dock sits in Blackwater Sound, where you will see the most outstanding sunsets.

Waking up the next morning in Cudjoe was a different world from Key West. There was not a sound around. The dock was peaceful and the water of Cudjoe Bay was tranquil. I couldn’t help but admire life off of Key West in the Keys. The thought of organizing a bus tour of the Keys came back into my brain. It’s one I’ve had before. A tour that would take a group of folks up the Keys from Key Largo to Key West, stopping at maybe two or three stops along the way, for an overnight stay, live music, good food, and a great time. It seriously would be worth it!

Michelle Dougan and Larry Poff stopped by Cindi and Rick’s on Saturday evening and Rick had a bonfire party! A fantastic dinner was cooked by Rick and Michelle cut my hair… which was way overdue. Later, I fell asleep and Cindi dressed me up in scallop shell bra, a silly cowboy hat and a shamrock on my crotch..and took a picture.. naturally! Who wouldn’t? HA HA HA!

On the music front, I’m thrilled to announce that my single “Island Blue”, sung by the marvelous Misty Loggins, hit #1 for the week last week at Island Dreamz, up in NewYork!!!! What a thrill! Thanks to all of the listeners there and Big Ed!

Additionally, the song is getting lots of air time with Trop Rock 1290 up in the Florida Panhandle. A Big thanks to them and Steven Youngblood.

Island Time Radio, up in northern Ohio has likewise had it on their play list.. Thanks to Dennis King (DK) and Amo Bennet!

Radio Gruenstadt, in Gruenstadt, Germany is also it! :-O

And finally, Beachfront Radio has also been airing it as well! Being as the song will be on the next CD of mine, “All the Best from Key West” and that’s a bit off time wise, we’re making the song available on Beachfront’s music hut shortly. It will be originally either as a single at $.99 or together with “Shanghai’d and Marooned in Key West (Things Could Be Worse)”. Thanks Jeff and Captain Cali!

By the way, that's Misty on the cover shot for the blog, up top!

Life is good and getting better!

Anyone traveling to Key West specifically should really look into the Key West Bar Card and the Key West Restaurant Card. The Bar card cost is $20 and will give you buy one drink get the second one free at a rate of one use per hour. With that in mind, the card will pay for itself in the first day at the rate people in Key West drink! There are eleven bars that participate in the program:
Schooner Wharf, Blue Mojito@ Hyatt Resort, 801 Bourbon Bar, The Bottlecap and Groove Lounge, The Stoned Crab, JDL’s Big Ten Pub, Pearl’s Patio, The Rooftop Café, Aqua, Sweet Tea’s, and McConnell’s. This is good for the card holder only, so if you are traveling with friends, they have to likewise get their own card. The Key West Bar Card runs from January 1st 2012 to December 31st, 2012.

The Key West Restaurant Card works along a similar idea, however the execution is a bit different on both ends. The Restaurant Card will give you 10% off your meal and will set you back $10, which covers you from January 1st, 2012 to December 31st, 2012. Participating Restaurants are: Hogfish Bar & Grill, Santiago’s Bodega, The Roof Top Café, Mangia Mangia, Harbourview Café at the Pierhouse, Camille’s, JDL’s Big Ten Pub, The Creperie, Flaming Bouy Filet Co., The Stoned Crab, Bobalu’s, D.J.’s Clam Shack, and Croisants de France.

The Website below will tell you the many places the cards can be obtained.


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