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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Funny Tourist Question of the Day, Key West Happenings, Summer in the Keys, Key West in Pictures

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The funny tourist question this blog comes from my friend Bruce Nielson, who sells tours, sunset sails, and snorkeling trips. It was one of the snorkeling trips that he was selling where a woman asked him:

“Can you swim under the island too?”

Swim under the island? Wow! HA HA HA!!!

If you're coming to town and want to look into activities, check with Bruce! Here's his Facebook link!

Recently I was talking to a friend who works on one of the sunset sail boats, which are based in Key West Bight, told me that he was talking to a specific bar tender at Schooner Wharf Bar, also in Key West Bight, the night before. What he told me she said was that the new hotel going up behind Schooner Wharf had bought Schooner Wharf Bar, but they would stay open until the hotel was completed, under the current ownership. Well, the 100+ year old Coconut Telegraph (no, Jimmy Buffett did not invent that term) immediately started buzzing, which is a Keys tradition, by the way. It goes without saying that where I heard it from was not the exclusive source. Before dawn people as far away as New Jersey, were aghast at this news! Some were saying that the new hotel didn’t want live music so close, so in order to get rid of it, they bought the bar. Others said that they plan on building their pool at the Schooner Wharf location. Who knows what has credibility, if any? Now please understand, Schooner Wharf is a cornerstone in Key West. In the twenty or so years it has existed, it is an absolute must go for lovers of Key West. There are people who come every year to Key West and their first order of business is to go see Michael McCloud playing Wednesday through Sunday at Schooner Wharf! Many of you will also recall that Schooner Wharf Bar was awarded one of the “Absolute Ten Best Bars in the Florida Keys” for very, very good reason. It is also, far and away, the best dockside bar in all of the Keys. So, on hearing this very disturbing news, one can sense the outrage.

Within twenty four hours, the owner came back from a trip abroad and upon hearing the news, immediately quashed the news as being entirely false and without merit. Naturally I hope this is the case! Since the owner made this statement, the subject seems to be virtually off limits for employees. Schooner Wharf’s motto is “A Last Piece of Old Key West” and places like this have been falling like flies over the years, due to developers. With a motto like that, how could they go against their principals?
There’s a little guy with a pitch fork standing my shoulder poking my ear saying “Yeah! Don’t forget they said that they’ll be open until construction on the hotel is done! Figure a year and a half, or so. Then see what happens! Besides, why would an employee start a story like this anyway, if it wasn’t true?”

Obviously, in the end when it’s all said and done, I’m hoping it isn’t true. Schooner Wharf is truly a Key West treasure and we can’t afford to lose it to a frigging developer.

This has inspired me however to start a campaign, one which I’ve been thinking about for a few years. A movement, if you will. I may start having T shirts made that say “Keep Key West Funky”. My friend Patty Rossi Holden looks as though she might be involved as well. Please let me know what you think and share your opinions! Send me an e-mail to

The summer is spectacular this year! Thus far, the highest temperature I’ve seen has been 90F and that was only once. It’s been floating around 82 – 88 all summer! We did have some rain in the end of May, beginning of June, but since then it’s been spectacular! As always, its cooler in the summer in the Keys than it is in New York, Boston, and Atlanta! It’s the best kept secret! The one thing here is that the sun is much more powerful, so if you are in the sun, it’s HOT!!! In the shade, it’s beautiful and there is almost always the trade winds breezing through!


I took a walk with the dogs a couple of days ago and took the camera. Key West is easily one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the world. Architecture influences are from the Bahamas, New England, and the South, all in a tropical setting. I hope you enjoy, both the ornate and the common!




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  1. Another killer blog loaded with fun facts, a bit of history and accompanied by the perfect song!

  2. Excellent Post Chris!!!! I too wonder if the original story could be true. I've heard way too many people say things were without merit and this could be true for Schooner least for a year and a half, as you said. I hope it's not true...but time will tell.

    And Yes.....let's KEEP KEY WEST FUNKY!!!!! Let's keep the magic!!! I'm on board!!!