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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting to Key West II, MOTM, Keep Key West Funky, Love Lane Gang

^ Listen to Key West Blues while you enjoy the blog!


When we last left off, I think we were talking about staying in Key Largo overnight. I can’t stress this more. Okay, file it under “The grass on the other side of the hill is always greener”, only the thing is, we’re still talking about the Conch Republic. Don’t forget, the Conch Republic starts at the Last Chance Saloon in Florida, which is the northern border. However, be it Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada, Layton, Summerland, Layton, Sugarloaf, Cudjoe.. ex stay at one of them for a day or two!! Also, bear in mind that some, such as Islamorada, are towns, not an island itself.  There may be seven islands in Islamorada, which includes the connecting keys.

I’m heading up to Islamorada on Saturday, so the next blog will carry more pictures and suggestions in the next blog… which will follow this one quite closely!


Our MOTM events are progressing very well! On Wednesday, October 30th I’ll be hosting the MOTM OPEN MIC At McCONNELL’S. This event will start at 6:30 and go until who knows when!
For a bit more information on this, check the Facebook Event page!

Then on Thursday, October 31 we’re repeating the Tropical Songwriters in Paradise event! This year we’re in the thick of everything at Durty Harry’s Stage at Rick’s! There’s a great Trop Rock line up consisting of some of the best writers in Trop Rock today! Plus, we’re doing it in an in-the-round format, meaning that there will be three or four artists on stage at the same time, trading songs and telling stories about them. Additionally, it is also going to be done as a tailgate party! Music, drinks, and a Bar B. Que! This will be a blast!!!

On Sunday November 3rd, I’ll be hosting “Sundeay Afternoon Chill Dockside at Sunset Tiki”! This will be run from noon to 5pm. The Sunset Tiki is right on the water, behind The Galleon at the end of Front St. You really can’t beat this setting with a stick!!!

NOTE!!! This event has been changed! With the passing of DJ Jeff, the event has been changed to "Trop Rockin' For Jeff - Dedicated to a Brother DJ Jeff Allen". Any musicians playing in MOTM are welcome to stop by and Trop Rock for Jeff in his memory.

Same time, same place, just that the event has changed..

 photo Jeff2_zps9459dee4.jpg


All of these events are being sponsored by The Grateful Guitar here in Key West 305 453 6413
Located at Duval Square, Duval St.
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It’s been a LONG time since Jimmy Buffett lived here. Every now and then someone claims that he still maintains a home someplace here, or perhaps up a few islands, but none of this has ever been substantiated. One of the main reasons that he left was because he felt that the town was losing its funky character. One of its monikers was “A little drinking town with a fishing problem”. Of course this was always told in good fun, tongue in cheek. Well, over the years the fishing fleet has been thrown out and now, what’s left of it, anchors in the shadow of the power plant on Stock Island. I recalled when I used to come to visit seeing the fleet docked over by Turtle Kraals. For me, having spent my youth in Cape Cod, I felt right at home. It was like a tropical Provincetown! Today, Provincetown still has their fleet, we’ve exiled ours. It’s things like this that is why Jimmy Buffett left here. The little guys are getting pushed out of here one by one. It’s nothing new, but it continues and a lot of people have been pushed out over the years and the funkiness is depleting.

As I say, it’s been going on for years and continues to escalate. The latest victim is a trailer park on the corner of Virginia and Simonton streets, The Southernmost Cabana Resort. Frankly, the Southernmost Cabana Resort is a cool little community of old trailers nestled in a beautiful grove of trees which provide a fantastic little hammock. These trailers are mostly around fifty years old. The folks who live in them can't afford anything much more than what they have here. Is it pretty? In one of those Key West funky moments, all one can really say is “Wow!”.  It’s like stepping into a time warp! It’s a rare gem, in my eyes. All of these old, funky trailers living in this beautiful, shaded hammock.

The owner however, had different ideas and with the full support of Mayor Craig Cates and most of the City Commission, have given the residents until October 31 to get out. You see, there’s progress to be had at hand! Sic. Why have all these old trailers littered with riff-raff, when you can have… Condominiums??? It fits right in too.. at least with the mayor. Mayor Cates seems to always be supporting some sort of program that is promoting the paving over of Key West. Lets turn Key West into an island version of Miami. Hello! They've offered to help relocate the residents up the Keys about twenty miles to a trailer park named “Lazy Lakes”.  In other words, they've exiled these folks from Key West so that they can build condominiums and tear down most of the trees and move out the old trailers in doing so. Seriously, I wonder how the mayor and the commissioners who voted these people out, manage to sleep at night. Jimmy Buffett approve? Hardly. Captain Tony? Don’t make me laugh.

 photo DSCF9587_zpsafb3a1ad.jpg 

 photo DSCF9605_zps165dad43.jpg


Say good-by to another bit of Key West funky character and history.

 photo DSCF9606_zpsd7f17877.jpg

My friend Patty Rossi Holden and I are in the process of starting a campaign called:

“Keep Key West Funky!”
More to come on that soon!! !


Talk about a breath of fresh air!!! The Love Lane Gang has become the biggest craze in Key West over the last six, or eight months.  Everyone who hears them, just flat out loves them! The core of the band is Jerrod Isaman on guitar and lead vocals, Missy Parker on washboard and vocals, Steve Gibson on mandolin and vocals, and Stephen La Pierre on upright bass and vocals. Additionally, they also may have Jason Sands on banjo, or Brielle Jeanette on vocals… Honestly, the band can consist of as many as a dozen members, you really don’t know what the band may consist of until you get there.

Tired of heading down Duval and hearing yet another performer playing Margaritaville, Brown Eyed Girl, or Sweet Home Alabama? Well, get this! The most interesting thing about these guys is that, my guess is that 70% of their repertoire dates from between 1915 – 1945! These are the types of songs you expect to here on a small lane, such as Love Lane (yes, there is a Love Lane in Key West!). Their set is also peppered with more contemporary music.. say up to the seventies, an English ballad, or some Dick Dale surf music, but in addition they have ta fantastic selection of original music, much of which is rooted in Americana music. When people pass by wherever they are playing, they stop, their jaws drop in awe, stand in a daze for a bit, then smile and enter the bar. This band is FUN! You’ll hear stuff like Cab Callaway, Parisian Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, … it’s an endless! Additionally, they are always adding to their repertoire, not at all afraid to go out on a limb. The Love Lane Gang can be found around town, however they play every Friday at McConnell’s 8 – 11 and Salute on Sunday 5:30 – 8:30. What a breath of fresh air these guys are! They are FUN!!!!      DAMN!!!

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  1. Once again, an excellent post Chris! Keep 'em coming!!!

  2. Thanks for turning me on to the Love Lane Gang, they do sound like a lot of fun!