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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fun News!!! Bar Tending

Fun news for the day! My Facebook page has garnered #5 in the Top Ten Tropical Pages!

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It’s great to have the acknowledgement and know that promoting Key West to the world pays off in appreciation! I run this blog with the same thing in mind. So many people the world over, love Key West and the Florida Keys, I try to help those who love it here to make it a part of their daily lives from afar. Even if it’s just for a few seconds on Facebook, or perhaps a bit longer and more in depth, here on the blog, it’s great to know it’s all worthwhile! Thank you Ed Robinson!!!

Also, check out Ed Robinson’s book, which is inexpensive and available on Amazon as a download “Leap Of Faith”, an autobiography on saying the heck with the rat race and buying a boat and living on it!


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I started doing the Bar Tending With Boris videos almost two years ago. I started calling myself Boris because it fit with the word Bar Tending and also, it was my nickname in grammar school. In my school, everyone had a nickname. There was Gonzo, Dirk, Gabe, Fudd, Phonzo, Bunk, … the list went on and on! My nickname was “Boris” after Boris Badenov in the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. HA HA!

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So it wasn’t like I just pulled the name out of thin air… I just pulled it out of mothballs!

The fun thing about doing it was that the first take is never right. The drink may sometimes need tweaking, but the video always does. Not being a believer in waste, naturally the drink in the bad take must be consumed. So, you can imagine what it can be like by the third or fourth take! :-O

Over time I’ve also had several assistants who have helped me out on these comic endeavors. Up to this last week, we’ve had Bobby DeVito (a.k.a. Bobby D.), Cindi Hogan, Doug Bittner, and Rick Hogan. The locations have also been in my own kitchen, 90 miles and three blocks from Havana, in Key West, as well as up on Cudjoe Key, twenty-two miles north of here. It’s been quite a laugh!

I say “comic”, as although the drink recipes are quite refined and authentic, the presentation is really, quite off the wall! First of all, there’s a bar tender named Boris and second, after three or four takes, he’s often hammered!

No, these are not bar tending videos that have some guy in a three piece suit, ruffled shirt, and a bow tie, who doesn’t know how to break a smile, being very, very serious in his drink making instruction. No, these are FUN videos and funny at the same time. After all, the ONLY reason people drink is to alter their consciousness, hopefully for the right reasons. What Bar Tending With Boris offers is something that is focused on the fun side of bar tending. If someone wants to see some guy acting like he just ate a lemon and has a stick up his ass, there are hundreds of them on Youtube to be seen. However, if someone wants to have fun and a good laugh, Bar Tending With Boris is for them!

In addition, the recipes we’re doing are actually second to none. I’ll put these recipes up against anything out there that the lemon eating, stick up the ass, bow tie bar tending, Youtube bar tendering brigade can offer. Don’t get me wrong. Their recipes are very good, but ours are on the level with the best of them, just a whole lot more fun to watch! In all the comic mayhem in the videos, if anyone who sees them tries the recipes, they’ll be amazed. They are all great recipes! Try them!

 photo caf0cc6a-044c-4f53-b69c-87f603515ad2_zps72608f38.jpg

In the last two editions that have been done, we’ve added my roommate my Dani Hoy, who has contributed immensely! First of all, there’s her marvelous personality and magnetic smile! Second, there are her video editing skills. In the past I’ve always just took a full take. There was no editing. With Dani here we now have intros, intro music, great editing, and the recipe written out for the viewer at the end! The game has stepped up! Here’s the first one we put together, The Mojito, or The Key West Earthquake Mojito, as we had an earthquake about 40 minutes earlier that day.

After that, Dani and I boarded our friends Larry Poff and Michelle Dougan’s boat “Transition”, here in Key West and set sail with our friends from Albuquerque Michelle and Brian Fields, as well as Chris Robinson. This was the first Bar Tending With Boris where our location was on a boat sailing! This time we had Michelle and Brian as guest bar tenders and they made us a marvelous variation of the Margarita from Albuquerque, The Cucumber and Jalapeno Margarita! As I write this on January 25, 2014 this is our latest video installment!

We’re always trying new things, so who knows what will be next? One thing is for sure however, we WILL be doing more on the high seas, celebrating both the cocktails and the waters of Key West. I mean seriously, if the opportunity is there, when in Key West, who in their right mind would not head out on the beautiful water here?

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We made a Facebook Page that have all the Bar Tending With Boris videos and will also have the newest ones as they come out! Please feel free to join the page!!!

Also My CD is available on iTunes, CD Baby, CD Universe, Rhapsody, and Beachfront Radio.
Search: Key West Chris

Thank you everyone!!

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