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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Key West Open Mic Closes

The Key West Open Mic Has Ended

We had a good run overall, however every gig, with the exception of the Card Sound Machine playing at Alabama Jack’s in Key Largo for 27 years and counting, comes to an end.

The Key West Open Mic was no exception. I was notified by manager Paul Murphy  that music on Wednesday nights would cease as of February 4th 2015 and no music would be brought back on Wednesdays for “at least a month”. It was kind of funny because there was a different band’s poster in the window when they told me this  and that band was playing there on February 4th. Odd indeed. I shoot straight with everyone I deal with and perhaps I’m expecting too much in return if I expect the same?

Why did they decide to end the open mic? Good question. We stuck with them through thick and thin. in 2013 when we hit the slow season, everything remained the same. This year, they asked me to take a pay cut. For the sake of McConnell’s and the folks who attended it, I agreed. I also went to court in support of the bar on some legal issues they had, in addition to giving the court written statements in support of the bar, it’s owner on said legal issues. I did this several times.

McConnell’s reason for stopping the event was because we were not generating the sales needed to continue. I understand this. However, we’re right on the cusp of tourist season starting. Another week or two and all would be rocking for everyone.

A very big thank you to those who have supported the open mic between August of 2013 and February 2015!!!!

I will say that they were correct in the overall numbers we had in the fall. In 2013, the place was packed every open mic. In 2014 we just never had the local support we had the previous year.

A lot of people have suggested new venues, or asked where I’ll go next. An open mic is culturally something very important for any city. It cultivates upcoming musicians and helps refine those who are pros. You get everyone in an open mic!  And lets not forget the comradery it cultivates as well! This town deserves a great open mic! However honestly, I’m not convinced I want to go with anything myself. McConnell’s was correct in saying we weren’t generating the numbers last fall.

If the local musicians and music supporters in Key West are not supporting an open mic, I’d be beating a dead horse if I tried to set up another at a different venue. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone without the support and interest.

Thanks to all who supported the open mic and to McConnell’s for giving us the venue. We also had so many come in from all over the United States and Canada to play at the open mic! Where do I start? New Hampshire, North Dakota, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Alberta, Ontario, Oregon, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Washington, Washington DC, Ohio,Michigan, Wisconsin, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, ... the list goes on and on. and all of these people found out about the Key West Open Mic through here... The Blog! 

Thank you!

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  1. There were even open mic pals from Hawaii and Norway!;-)
    Strange that there's such little support.
    I have a suspicion it's more about the hang so the venue is probably crucial as far as local attendance is concerned?
    Perhaps the Green Parrot is more conducive to such a thing?