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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Absolute Best Bars In The Florida Keys - The next book! Follow our progress bar by bar!

The Absolute Best Bars In The Florida Keys

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With the writing completion and release of my book “Bar Stories”, not only the quest of promotion is at hand, but also the start of the next book has begun. My blog from 2013 about bars in the Florida Keys has always been on a rolling boil. This week, nearly three years after it was written, it stands as the #5 blog of the week. I recall I posted it on Facebook again about six months ago and it went crazy again.

The writing was on the wall. Plus, what a fun project! In the 2013 blog it was based on the top ten of the time. The book will comprise of a lot more than ten however, and of these, who’s to say which are top ten and which are not?

The criteria will be somewhat specific, to a loose degree. The new bar with the hostess who says “Hello, welcome to %&#! My name is Gertrude!” will not make the grade. Sorry. What we’re talking about here is:

The Absolute Best Bars In The Florida Keys


The bars that will be considered have to have authentic Keys character from the get go. Authentic Keys character is not some refugee from the mainland landing in the Keys and having their own concept of what the Keys are… and are usually wrong. I enter those bars only with a crucifix and a load of garlic. No, most of these bars will have been established for a very long time in the Keys. Some, not so much, but they have the feeling of the Keys. The bars selected have the pulse of the Keys within them.


Many of the finest bars in the world are here throughout the Keys. When I mentioned this on Facebook I had several comments about how excited they were that I was writing a book on Key West Bars! Actually, I’m not writing a book on Key West bars. I’m writing a book on bars in the Florida Keys, which of course includes Key West! There’s no way I could exclude some of the finest bars in the world from this book, based on the fact that they are not in Key West. Besides, there are so many folks that just come to Key West and have never discovered the other Keys. Hopefully this book may encourage them to get a little out of their comfort zone and explore a little. They truly are missing a lot!

The book is officially in progress! Dani and I, The Shanty Hounds, had a gig way up above Tampa last week and on our way back we stopped at six bars on the way home! My camera however wasn’t working properly, so we have to stop there again. We got some pictures, however the camera would take around fifteen seconds to take a picture. Consequently, we have to do these bars over again.
C’est la vie!

A new camera is on the way. As soon as it’s here, we’ll continue on the best bars in the Keys quest.

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I’ve set up a Facebook page that will follow our adventures! Please feel free to join it! The more the merrier. I’m hoping to have pictures and videos as we hit bar after bar. Just to keep things interesting, the not all the bars in the book will be on the Facebook page. Likewise, none of the pictures that will be in the book (the best ones) will be on the FB page.

The book will also have text on the bar itself, in addition to a story, or two that has happened there, similar to the stories in Bar Stories.

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So come and join us on this adventure. You can be a part of it! Talk back and forth with us and give us ideas if you like!

Here’s the Facebook Page link! Follow us bar by bar and JOIN THE PAGE!!!!! :-)

My book “Bar Stories” is available through Amazon!


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Thank you everyone!!

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