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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trop Rock! Help it Grow and Join THE CHILLAXING PARTY!!!

The Chillaxing Party

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Hey Everyone!! 
The Genre I play in these days is called Trop Rock. What is Trop Rock? The funny thing about Trop Rock is that many who like it, don't even know it actually exists! Even funnier, many who actually play in it don't even know it exists!

In today's world of wearing many hats, it's no wonder. Myself, I fall into several different genres as far as what I play. If we take a look at my album "Shanghai'd and Marooned in Key West (things could be worse)" the genres I play in are Afro/Cuban, Jazz, Funk, Country, Pacifica, Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Brazilian, and Bahamian. However, in utilizing those root genres, I incorporate them into the Trop Rock umbrella.

The Afro/Cuban rooted song "The Beach!!!!"

One of the things that bothers me about Trop Rock is that it isn't growing. We continue getting new songwriters/artists, however over the last seven or eight years, there hasn't been any efforts to bring in new fans to the genre. The TRMA has been making a big effort to bring fans into their organization as of late, However, the people they are targeting to join the TRMA are already fans of Trop Rock. We're not talking new fans, we're talking people who are already existing fans, just not in their club.

We've started an effort which is a pro-active group with the explicit purpose of bringing new fans into the genre. There are a few things in the works, however the first thing we're doing has been to start The Chillaxing Party. The Chillaxing Party is a complete farce from the word go, however what we're doing with The Chillaxing Party is running for the highest office in the nation and utilizing the motto of The Conch Republic , written by the late Secretary General of the Conch Republic, Sir Peter Anderson, modifying it slightly. "The Mitigation of World Tension Through the Exercise of Humor and Trop Rock Music". We added "and Trop Rock Music". Sir Peter will always be credited when using this statement.
The hope we're trying to achieve on the world stage of the election is hopefully some exposure for the genre. What larger stage could we work on than running for the highest offices in the world? This media will go on front page news, every single day, from now until Election Day in November! Myself and Brian Fields are running for the President and Vice-President of the United States! We know how to laugh. We've made some funny videos and put them up on Facebook. The reality is, average American is fed up with political rhetoric and the hatred spewed by candidates and a few of the followers of theirs who happen to be fanatics. the radical followers always amount to around up to 5%. We don't care about them. We care about the other 95%! We offer a breath of fresh air! We make people laugh! I was in sales and marketing my entire professional life. Trust me. When people laugh, you're 95% there.

People can get angry at Hillary, Donald, and Bernie for anything they've done or stand for. They can't get angry at 
The Chillaxing Party, because all we stand or is making people laugh and playing music!

Vote for me! I have facial hair! There has not been a President with facial hair in 86 years!

Our objective here is obviously not to win the election, but with enough exposure in social media, maybe we can attract some of the national news services to use our quest as a side story that might crack a smile here and there. Some guy sitting in a small town in Wyoming sees us on the news and laughs, then says to his wife "Hey Gertrude! These guys are a riot! What is this Trop Rock thing they're doing?" Next thing you know, they're looking into it and we have new Trop Rock fans!

We have reached out to all of the Trop Rock media to assist us, both radio and magazines. At this point Lyle Wilson of Radio A1A, has given a few shout outs on the radio, Don Winfield of The Shore has re-posted some of our promos and tweeted, as well as Big Papa, also at The Shore. Danny Lynn, of Tiki Island Radio has jumped on the bandwagon on behalf of the entire station with a fantastic video pledging support! Dennis King, of Island Time Radio, also known as DK the DJ, one of the longest established radio personalities in Trop Rock joined the Facebook page in support, as did Andy Forsyth of Beachfront radio! Todd and Cheri, owners of of Radio Trop Rock, jumped on the band wagon, as did Harry Teaford, owner of Radio A1A. We're hoping more join as well. Seriously, how couldn't they? It's only in their best interest to have more fans, just as it is for us. 

We can't expect to bat 1000, of course. I was advised by a media expert that there will always be those in grass roots media groups who feel safe in their own cocoon, and really don't want growth, or not willing to jump on any bandwagon until it's fully established. One of the two Trop Rock publications told us that they felt spoofs,or funny videos didn't fit their branding. Honestly, I was kind of taken aback by that statement. Perhaps eventually they wake up and smell the coffee? We feel that the great attitude and humor we are projecting with it, couldn't reflect and emphasize the attitude of Trop Rock better! I mean, this isn't a  string quartet, or a French horn society. This is Trop Rock! We're FUN!!!!

 Additionally, this is Trop Rock news. Two Trop Rock performers are running for the Presidency. How could you not report on it? However, so be it. Like I say, we can't expect to bat 1000.

We're asking you to join us! Lets get more Trop Rock fans into the fold! Help us spread the word!. If you see a post that we make that you like, re-post it! Make your own posts! We already have had fans make some for us! We ask that if you do make your own, not to take a political stand. The angle we're focusing on is the absurdity of BOTH parties together. "The Republicrats"! We will not focus on one or the other. We want to appeal to everyone!
All The Best From Key West!

Join us by  giving us a "Like" on Facebook! It's the FUN thing to do!

Click this link!!!: 

P.S. Our friend Mark Hanover, of   put together this hysterical poster for us! Please check out his link! Thanks Mark!

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