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Monday, October 24, 2016

MOTM Sunday! "This Is Key West Calling!"

MOTM Week - “This Is Key West Calling”

History will certainly be made with the “This Is Key West Calling” event on Sunday, November 6th, noon to 5 at Sunset Tiki, 617 Front Street, Key West!

How is that? Well, at this writing we have a total of five Trop Rock radio stations working and broadcasting together!! When has that happened before, be it in Trop Rock, or anything else, for that matter?

As of this writing, we have Key West 104.9 The X, Tiki Man Radio, Tiki Island Radio, Beachfront Radio, and Tiki Pod Radio all working together collectively for the good of the genre!

Stations from Illinois. Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Key West will be joining forces, working as a unit of one!

Any musicians who have played in any event during the week of MOTM, are welcome to sign up, play a few songs, then have the option to be interviewed on the broadcast.

Talk about incredible exposure! Five stations, all at the same time!

Code Rum, The Tiki Man Radio's sponsor, will also be on hand and be featured! Perhaps a new business association for Sunset Tike and Code Rum? We'll see!

As this is “history in the making”, a press release is being planned to be sent out to all of the major news organizations. We're talking about AP, Reuters, BBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NBC.

There's a better than even chance that some of these organizations will cover the event as well.

We're hoping the world will be watching!

As for the attending MOTM fans, Sunset Tiki is located at The Galleon Resort, at the end of Front Street, Key West. It sits right on the water, and both the view and atmosphere are simply incredible. Truly second to none! Ask anyone who's been there! They also have a full bar, plus a good selection of beers and wines. Additionally, they will have a BBQ going for the event.

This is not an event to miss. Be part of history being made and head to Sunset Tiki, Sunday, Noon to 5pm!

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