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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Hour - Key West - The Boat House!

Happy Hour in Key West - The Boat House

Location: The docks at A & B Marina, Key West

½ way between A & B Seafood and Conch Republic Seafood

Key West is loaded with Happy Hours! Not every eating/drinking establishment has them, mind you. However, the ones that do are cherished by locals and visitors alike. Of course, locals know most of them just by the fact that they have 365 days a year to explore. Plus, Happy Hour is always a good draw!

If you ask ten locals in Key West what the best Happy Hour is, eight to ten will say The Boat House. The Boat House is part of The Commodore Restaurant and located right on the docks of the A & B Marina. For those of you familiar with Captain Marlin Scott's Key West Reports on his own Facebook page, as well as his Fishmonster Magazine's page, his boat, Real Time, is docked directly out front.

*Be sure to check out the Facebook link for one of his video reports, this one at The Boat House, at the end of this blog!

One of the main ingrediants to a good Happy Hour, is the company that you share it with! On this venture, I was with my betst half, Dani Hoy, and our very dear friends Larry Poff and Michelle Dougan!

While upstairs The Commodore offers white linen dressed tables, downstairs, and a more formal dining experience, downstairs, dock level, is the Boat House.It's a real bar that can be boisterous, though always civilized. The place rocks

There is no set standard time for Happy Hour in Key West. Those establishments who have Happy Hour set their own times. The Boat House Happy Hour runs from 4 to 6:30. All of their draft beer and their Small Plates, are half price.

Candidly, their Small Plates are truly exceptional.

I started off with their Boathouse Bread. This is mandatory. There's a very good reason everyone orders it and that's because it's simply exceptional! They ad d their Chef's Toppings, which include cheese.and seasonings. You'll think you died and went to Heaven.

On this visit I ordered the mini kabobs of filet mignon and tomatoes, which comes with a dipping sauce as well. Certainly, a treat to the taste bud senses, if there ever was one.

The third item was the fish bites, which is the catch of the day. Today the catch was grouper. A very lite batter and a tartar sauce. Perfectly done!

For our last dish, we ordered the Baby Lamb Chops with rosemary, garlic, and balsamic. Totally amazing!

Cap it off with a fabulous atmosphere, right on the docks of Key West! 

The Boat House has a full U-shaped bar, a long common table, booths, as well as tables, so there's something for everyone.

The crowd is totally a mixed crowd, creating a fabulous atmosphere. Clientele ages ran from 21 to 90+. The staff has always been exceptional and when we went on Friday, we first waited for a table, at the bar. Our bartender was Jessica and she was exceptional. Additionally, our server at our table when we were seated, was Maria, As busy as she was, always kept a great attitude and played along with our jokes.

Negatives? Humm, Not really. 

When I was checking on our table at the host stand, a customer who looked like Nicolas Cage, asked the host how to get to Mallary Square. The host didn't know where Mallery Square was. Odd. I helped Nicolas out, however. The directions are really easy from there.

On another evening there, a few years back, my friend Cyndi thought it would be fun to dress our friend, Doug, up in drag at Happy Hour at the Boat House! Doug is 100% straight, but he's always up for a laugh... Boa and all!

As I mentioned earlier, The Boat House is regarded by far as the best Happy Hour in Key West. That says a LOT because there are a lot of damn good Happy Hours in this town!

Key West Happy Hour Rating is "FIVE STARS +"

I'm adding Key West Happy Hour reviews to the blog. At the moment there isn't a set schedule for them, however, you'll see them popping up from here on!

*Captain Marlin Scott's video report visiting The Boat House on the night we were there. Hey! We're in the video!

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