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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You May Already Have An iHeart Radio Station!

A couple of years ago I found out something I was unaware of. I had a radio station at iHeart Radio!

The way I understood it, so long as you have a CD out and are affiliated with BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC, iHeart sets you up with your own station that plays your music and music like yours. If you're not familiar with it, you don't have to do anything and your station plays in a similar fashion to Pandora

When I went to check it out, all of the artists listed like me, who would play on my station.... were NOTHING like me! I contacted iHeart Radio and they asked to let them know 40 artists whose music was like mine and were already on iHeart Radio. I did this and they had everything changed in a couple of days! Not only that, they were eager to make things the way I, the artist, wanted. What more could I ask?

This is a great marketing tool for the artist as well!

The icing on the cake was someone from Virginia who was in Key West recently, told me that her husband loves my iHeart station and listens to it all the time! Fantastic!

I go there from time to time too, and listen. Good stuff! Well, I went there a few days ago and it was a hodge-poge of artists I had chosen, plus, artists who crawled out of the woodwork and were nothing whatsoever like me at all.

I contacted them and they asked again for artists like me This time however they requested links to their iHeart stations. Being as last time they didn't request links, although I had the list of artists that I saved from last time, I didn't have links to their stations.

So this morning I was off on a safari to get the links of the artists' stations. What I found was, like myself most of the artists were paired with other artists who were nothing whatsoever like them.

If you are an artist chances are good that you also have an iHeart Radio station! Check it out and make sure the artists paired with you are who you would like paired with.. If not, contact them and they'll be happy to change it for you.

If any artist feels my list of musicians would be well paired with theirs (Trop Rock), let me know and I'll be happy to save you the time of looking everyone up, and send you a copy of my list of artists and their links.

iHeart Radio also pays you royalties via your Performance Rights Organization, BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC.

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