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Friday, December 8, 2017

Key West's Eyebrow Houses

One of the most fascinating pieces of architecture in Key West are the eyebrow houses. There's nothing contemporary about this style and when we look into it in a second, it will become quite apparent as to why.

It is said that there are over one-hundred and thirty eyebrow houses in Key West. Many say the style originated in Key West, and that may very well be so?

Eyebrow houses came about as a quite ingenious type of construction design of the times. Key West sports a warm climate year round, with the summertime temperatures in the high eighties and low nineties (31c – 34c). Even when talking of these temperatures, 93 degrees in Key West feels a lot hotter than 93 degrees in Cape Cod. The biggest reason for this is the power of the tropical sun is stronger. Some may also point out the humidity, however, the humidity is quite similar along the entire eastern seaboard.

Before the advent of air-conditioning, the designers of eyebrow houses came up with the idea of extending the roof, so that it would shade the second-floor windows. The idea being the shaded air would be cooler than the sun-lit air, which would flow through the house through the second-floor windows.

The eyebrow homes in Key West are some of the most unique style of architecture on the island. With over one-hundred and thirty here, randomly scattered, they are easy to come across and appreciate!

Take yourself on a walking tour of Old Town Key West and check out the eyebrow houses you'll stumble across!

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