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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Help Me Write A Song!

It was a funny series of events! Over the previous two Mondays, I've been doing live Facebook broadcasts called “LIVE Around Key West”, Sponsored by Tiki Man Radio! The plan was to do short vignettes, maybe 7 – 10 minutes long, from locations in, or around Key West, which would air at 7 pm on Mondays. These have actually done VERY well, I'm happy to report!

In things like this, there's always a learning curve. The first video from the Truman Waterfront came out sideways! Additionally, in an attempt to capture the sunset behind me, my face was largely a shadow! Live and learn!

The second video was done at Safe Harbor, including an interview with Tadd and Lindsay, friends who were about to embark on a sail to Europe aboard their 47 ft. catamaran! As of this writing, it has over 2,200 views!

With the third installment a couple of days ago, I ran into a problem. I was virtually out of data! Doing a live video from a location where I couldn't have WiFi would be a disaster. I talked to our sponsor, Danny Lynn, of Tiki Man Radio and he mentioned he had made the announcement on Tiki Man Radio that we go live every Monday at 7 pm.

This was late too. I started thinking what I would do and I blossomed up a fun idea! Twenty minutes before we were to air I thought of doing a show at our house, The Conch Rock Shanty. I had WiFi here of course. The kicker is that I would often do videos from the house, so a lot of people would already know it. So, what could I do to make it unique?

Then it dawned on me! I had just started to write a song, “She's Waiting for the Sun To Go Down” and what if I put it out there for others to contribute? That would be fun!

I had the first line of the song being:

"She's waiting, waiting for the sun to go down

 "She's waiting, waiting for the sun to go down"

I mentioned in the video that the idea was this woman was on a sailboat, be it a private sailboat, a sunset sail on one of the large catamarans with 40 people aboard, or anything in between. The boat will be off of Key West, as well.

The line "waiting for the sun to go down" can mean either actual or, a metaphor 

I already had the chord progression written. At this point, with ten minutes to go before airing, I came up with a progression for the bridge. We aired on time and online!

The reaction I've gotten back has been fabulous! Some folks just sent a line, others a verse, while others sent the whole song lyrics!

Honestly, I don't see using the complete song lyrics sent. However, what I will be doing is taking bits and pieces from as many as I can, and putting them together to create a song! Everyone whose lyrics are used will be credited as a c-writer!

Here's the song in structure:

Here's a fun anecdote regarding co-writing!

Gregg Allman was in progress of writing Midnight Rider in the Capricorn studios in Macon, Ga. late one night. His friend and roadie, Kim Payne, was there and wanted to go out and party, but Greg was stuck with a missing lyric. Kim was getting frustrated and antsy. He kept coming back to Gregg asking if he was done yet and Gregg told him “I'm almost done. It's something about the road I'm trying to figure out”. Kim would get annoyed and leave the room, then return 5 minutes later saying “Done yet?”. On the 6th or 7th time Gregg said again “It's something about the road” At which point Kim just blew up “Oh man! The road goes on forever, let's go out and party!”

Gregg's eyes opened wide and he smiled “That's it, man!” to which Kim replied, “What the hell are you talking about?”, but that was it!

The second verse of the song the first two lines are:

“And I don't own the clothes I'm wearing,

And the road goes on forever”

Songwriter credits are Gregory L. Allman and Kim Payne

So join me! Feel free to send in some lyrics and be a co-writer!

Additionally, I'm a published songwriter with McClure and Trowbridge Publishing, Nashville and have been since 2000. If they like the song, they may pick it up. Who knows? In our genre, there are very, very, very few songwriters who are published, with an actual publishing house. I'm very fortunate to be one.


Very important opportunity!

We're interested in teaming with anyone who would love the opportunity to be an executive producer, who can assist on the financial side of getting the song recorded! The idea here is to record it with world-class producer, Ian Shaw, recording and producing it, right here in Key West. What a great opportunity to be involved in a recording!

For lyrics submissions as well as executive producer interests, please contact me at:

Sponsored by Tiki Man Radio! 

Tune in, listen, and smile!!!


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