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Saturday, July 7, 2018

How To Inspire and Get The Most Out Of Studio Musicians

One of the issues in recording these days is dealing with musicians in general, particularly guitar players. The problem here is they often just don't give it their all and sometimes become satisfied with mundane performances.

This happens for a variety of reasons ranging from a fight with a girlfriend to a hangover of one nature or another.

I have found the best solution in overcoming these obstacles, however. It lies in the old school. So, as so many of my songs are sailing, harbors, and ocean-related, I'll tie in with saying the idea came to me from the good old floggings they gave on sailing ships, in days of yore.

If you're not happy with what they are putting out for you, just get yourself a nice flogging whip and give them some inspiration!

There's something both musical and magical about the whistling of the whip as it cuts through the air followed by the crack as it hits home! You'll be amazed at how everything changes and the desired performances are achieved!

Just look at how well this works with the guitar player of my song “21St Century Kinda Girl”!


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