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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter, C.W. Colt

Spring Break is winding down and the students are headed back to school. Easter weekend was very slow here with the students headed back and families spending Easter together, I imagine. I was at Hog's Breath Saturday and the crowd was marginal. Likewise at Schooner for breakfast, and the same thing.

My buddy Jackson Bunn was in town over the weekend and we caught a Keys favorite, C.W. Colt over at Rick's Key West on Duval, of course. C.W. classifies himself as a "Caribbean Country Blues Master" and that pretty much sums it up. When we first got there he was playing solo acoustic, then Mark, from The Hog Fish, came and sat in with him on percussion. Just a great set all around. This was something way overdue for me. Over a dozen years ago, I met and played many, many times with C.W.'s bass player, Doug "The Alien" Raver, in Homestead, when I lived in Palmetto Bay/Miami. Doug had been knighted by Mel Fisher, the King of the Conch Republic, when he played regularly with C.W. and duly swore me in as a citizen of the Conch Republic, complete with a certificate saying so. After all these years, it was a pleasure to finally enjoy an afternoon of C.W. Colt's great music. It virtually goes without saying we had a great time. As far as C.W. goes, here's a great link where he can describe is music and background far better than I can. Enjoy!

All The Best From Key West!

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