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Monday, March 22, 2010

Louie's Backyard, Alliens, Spring Break Continues

Louie’s Backyard has been a famous, fine dining eatery for decades. Apparently, this last week they had a very boisterous patron, who when the bartender requested him to “keep it down”, demanded to know who sicked the employee on him. According to The Citizen, another patron stood up and proclaimed it was he who issued the complaint. As luck would have it, other patrons likewise became involved in the altercation and it turned into a major fiasco! Reading the report in The Citizen, it sounded exactly like a Three Stooges melee! Imagine the possibilities if the pie cart was within reaching distance! To boot, apparently a lot of guests left without paying their bills as well. Or, perhaps the Wells Fargo armored truck required for paying the bills at Louie’s Backyard, was disenchanted when they saw the police cars there.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening I was fortunate enough to catch Alliens at both the Green Parrot and El Alamo. Jamiel, Janaih, and Zeph Allen are both brothers and cousin raised in Key West (now living in Virginia) and sons of Din and Woody Allen, core members of the Key West band Survivors. The apples didn’t fall far from the tree. These guys have their own island groove, rooted on Funk, Reggae, and Afro Cuban. On Thursday they completely tore the roof of the Parrot. The crowd, all of whom seemed to be acquainted with their father’s band, was strong and very enthusiastic. Friday at El Alamo, didn’t click as well it appeared. The sound is entirely different, being outside, so they were dealing with a different animal altogether. This may have also been the soundman not clicking with them as well. Friday however, they were on fire once again. Everything was hitting and falling into a serious groove. I had the pleasure of attending this gig with Melody Cooper and Deb Hudson, who witnessed these guys grow up (they’re in their twenties) as friends of their parents. It was a real hoot for them!

Meanwhile, Spring Break continues. It’s encouraging to see so many college students enjoying such good music all around the island.

Key West has an abundance of old Volkswagens. I’ll touch on that in a later blog, however I passed an outstanding Beetle Convertible on Olivia. Hat’s off to the folks who maintain such a beauty!

Sunday was an outstanding day in The Conch Republic and I got an early start. While walking the dogs down Amelia St, behind a solid wooden fence from a resident’s patio, emitted The Allman Brother’s song Jessica. It fit the day perfectly. Bright, sunny, and up beat. We’re off to a good start to the week!


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