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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Merry Christmas From Key West!

Happy Merry Christmas From Key West!

Well we’re officially in the holiday season as I write this on December 17th. Over the years people have asked me if I ever wrote a Christmas song and the answer was always the same. No. Not that I had anything against Christmas, mind you. It’s just that the expense of making a recording just never justified it, in my way of thinking.

Well, not too long ago I came into a new computer and the main purpose of it would be used for our two podcasts, plus recording. Suddenly the cost of recording went down. Then, about a week ago or so, the idea of me actually writing a Christmas floated into my head.

My girlfriend Dani had mentioned wanting to write a Christmas song for a long time. She’d bring it up again now and then. Also, my pal Bobby DeVito had just moved back into town and we’d been talking about doing some things together as well.

So, I’m standing in my kitchen, thinking nothing about writing a Christmas song, when all of the sudden a melody floats into my head. I grab my guitar and play it. A total of two chords. me? Two chords? Heck, one song on my upcoming album, a song called “Seaplane” has been accused of being the Trop song with the most chords ever, with twenty four. My song Island Blue has fourteen.

The way I usually write a song is to come up with a melody first. Music is the foundation of a song after all. So, I wrote the first verse after I had the melody. Then I handed the song off to Dani and she wrote the second verse. We needed a bridge so I wrote the music and the first line of the bridge, Dani did the second, in addition to adding two chords to that portion of the bridge, which kicked it up a notch. Bobby wrote the third verse. I figured that it would work out best if we repeated the first verse at the end.

When we recorded it, everyone sang their own verse, Bobby and I both played guitars. Bobby also tossed a solo in for good measure. I changed the very ending to flat 7th 6/9 chord which Bobby dubbed “The Frank Sinatra Ending”! Bobby handeled the engineering aspect of it all, as well.

 photo IMG_3128_zps1047515b.jpg

 photo IMG_3138_zps5694e8f1.jpg

 photo IMG_3132_zps1d49a634.jpg

 photo IMG_3150_zpse3324119.jpg

As this is Key West, we ran it as a complete party atmosphere in the background, with all kinds of hooting and hollering with the three of us and our friend Schmegley. Even Cajun and Tooloulou, the dogs, chimed in with some barking!

The end result is a very fun recording and we’re offering it for sale for less than a dollar!!!!
We’re selling it only on Dani’s website. Here’s the link!

Happy Holidays from Key West!

Thanks for your support! and I very much appreciate everyone who stops by to read the blog!!!

“Key West Chris” Rehm

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