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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Green Parrot, Notable Blogs of the Year, Grazie Italia, Happy New Year!

Happy Merry Christmas From Key West!

^ listen to “Happy Merry Christmas From Key West!” while you read the blog!^

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The Green Parrot

 photo DSCF8804_zpscbecd12d.jpg

In a recent blog we spoke about the Green Parrot having it's floor re-done. There was some concern that the original character and feel of the old floor ran the risk of being lost. After all, the Green Parrot is a classic and historic Key West  venue, dating back to 1890! On the flip side, it was also stated that the management is top notch at the 'Parrot and had foresight and integrity to keep it authentic.

Well, the floor was completed and the result was....

Perfect! If you were to come to town before and after the job, you'd most likely never know it. Hats off to manager/owner John Vagnoni, who continues to ensure that the Parrot retains it's original character and feel over his years at the helm. Thank you John and company!

Of course, The Green Parrot was ranked the #1 in the most current  “ Absolute Ten Best Bars in the Keys” for reasons like this.

Most Popular Blogs of 2014.

I’m basing the most popular blogs of the year, not on views, but rather on “+1”s and comments. Having stated that, with blogspot, it’s really a bit of a pain in the ass to do so. If you don’t have a google account, you can’t do it. I figure if someone makes a comment, there are ten more who would, they just don’t want to go through the effort of starting a new email account. I’d do likewise.

So #1 with 20 +1’s and three comments is “Visiting Key West (part one)”

Next up with #2 was “The Bucket List, The Dry Tortugas! Fort Jefferson with eleven +1’s and three comments.

#3 with ten +1’s was “In The Presence of Greatness” where I had the honor of playing several of my own songs for world class author William Wright, poolside at his home, here in Key West.

#4 with eight +1’s was “Key West! The MOTM Adventure Part 2)” which included the two day drive we took from Key Largo to Key West

#5 was a tie both having seven +1’s. were “MOTM Part 3 and Must Do’s in Key West”

And also one from earlier this week, which is actually remarkable as it’s less than a week old, was “Richard Crooks - Father Time”. A sad blog which dealt with the passing of Richard Crooks, who was widely regarded both in Key West, as well as New York City, where he spent thirty years as both a studio musician and touring drummer.As this blog is less than a week old, it very well may change before the end of the year as far as +1s go.

A required mention is the blog with, far and away, the most views of the year,”Art, Music, Writing …. and more in Key West!” with more than double the amount of views than it’s nearest blog!


To My Friends in Italy!!! Ai miei amici in Italia!!!  Grazie Italia!!!!

Ai miei amici in Italia! Sto facendo questo attraverso un traduttore, quindi perdonatemi se non è in perfetto italiano. Voglio esprimere, grazie a tutti voi personalmente per aver letto il mio blog costantemente durante tutto l'anno! Dopo gli Stati Uniti, si dispone di gran lunga, il più alto vista di questa blog.In molti casi, si hanno avuto più punti di vista rispetto agli Stati Uniti. Mentre questo blog ottiene vista da tutto il mondo, ho sentito la necessità di grazie personalmente per il vostro patronato leale e coerente. Grazie a tutti in Italia !!!!

Happy New Year!

I may be back before the new year, but if not I wish you all, the absolute best new year of your life!

As I write this on December 26th (the day after Christmas, at this moment 10:52 EST, this blog has 99,851 views and should clear 100,000 within the next 48 hours.

Thank you all for your interest in this blog, Key West, the music of Key West, and the happenings and silly stuff that goes on here. I very much appreciate your support!

All the best from Key West!

“Key West Chris” Rehm

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Thank you everyone!!

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